Family & Individual Therapy in Cheyenne, WY

Individual Therapy:

• Anger Management
• Stress and Anxiety
• Depression
• Drug or Alcohol Abuse/Addiction
• Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
• Self-Esteem
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Childhood Abuse or Neglect
• Personal Wellness
• Performance Enhancement
• Family of Origin

Family Therapy:

• Pre-Marriage/Pre-Engagement
• Communication
• Affair Recovery
• Attachment/Codependency
• Intimacy/Sexual Issues
• Infertility
• Blended and Stepfamily
• Parenting
• Healthy and Family Functioning
• Effective Family Communication
• Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Children and Adolescence:

• Play Therapy
• School Attachment/Achievement
• Behavior Management
• Childhood Trauma/Abuse/Neglect
• Teen Adjustment

Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to depict the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. During this process, a trained psychotherapist helps the client tackle a definite or general problem or mental illness or a source of life stress. A wide range of techniques and strategies can be used creating a discussion and working to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors.